Being a part of an organization that has a focus larger than itself can be amazingly fulfilling.

Your non-profit has a mission to fulfill and important work to do. But your members have limited time and capital, and you rely on the surrounding community for support. 

Finding that support can be labor and resource intensive, and hiring a donor cultivator can be out of your organization’s budgetary reach. But CPP Connect has helped do some of that hard work for you.

We’ve found local, interested businesses that came to our site and filled out our questionnaire to tell us what types of charities they’re willing to support, the region they operate in, and the causes that motivate them. We invite you to search our ever-growing database of vetted prospects to help find your future sponsors.


It’s not just Charity. It’s Good Business, too.

Local businesses have limited budgets. You need to promote your company, but typically your marketing region is small. And so is your promotional funding.

Which is why smart local businesses turn to charitable giving as way to do good, and receive good visibility. Being affiliated with a popular local cause generates goodwill and support in your backyard. It adds that extra incentive for neighborhood residents to choose your restaurant, your gift shop, your market or bank over another.

Through CPP Connect, local businesses now have contact with local non-profits. Just register and fill out a profile form. We’ll then put out the word for you for free, reaching a large number of charities who’ve paid a small fee to find companies like yours.




In her day job, Crys works at the intersection of health care, advocacy, and quality. She’s an analyst. An organizer. A process nerd with the desire to do good. And an efficiency expert that aims to make things easier, not less effective or impactful.

Her love of philanthropy combined with that wonky background drove her to look for a website or software application that highlighted neighborhood businesses that were interested in partnering with nonprofit organizations. For weeks, she Googled. Searched Bing and Yahoo. Networked with friends in the tech and nonprofit services worlds.

And here’s what she found–Nothing.

No single solution directed community organizations to local businesses who were willing to support their work. Which is why she took the leap and created Community Philanthropy Partners- CPP Connect.