Sophia Walker (#BossLadySophi) is an entrepreneur who has created Beautiful You with Avon. It is is not only her lifestyle, but her business. She uses it to help and give back to her community and offer others the ability to create additional income while also building a successful legacy for both herself and her family. In her own words: 

I have always believed my purpose in life is to be of service to others and in my community as well, and in return, I receive happiness, fulfillment, and meaning in my life. With my AVON business I sell more than just make up. I connect with people and business to see how Avon can also help them. Avon can be that additional income for the family or special project. Also Fundraising is a great way I use Avon to help the needs of the community.

Sophia also offers special offers to customers by going to and using code WELCOME10 at checkout for savings.

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