Small Business Corporate Social Responsibility

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For quite some time, large corporations have been very deliberate about including initiatives in their business practices that help improve society in some manner. And for many of those businesses, they have reaped benefits beyond the good feeling that they get from doing good in the world. They have gained new customers, retained current customers,… Read more »

Business Spotlight-Writing Bytes

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This business spotlight shines on Ariel Lee, founder of Writing Bytes. She is a marketing maven that helps “make the marketing process a breeze for authors & small businesses”.  She aims to put her clients in the best light possible through creative content strategies, social media and other communications graphic designing, and copy creation. Reach… Read more »

Business Spotlight- Arezza

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We’d like to shine a spotlight on one of our earliest business registrants- Arezza!  They are truly engaged in communities around the world through their mission to develop, fund, and manage economic development projects in collaboration with local partners in the areas of sustainable tourism, energy efficiency, and water conservation. Even their logo, the ancient… Read more »

Business Spotlight- Next Evolution Consulting

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Terra Utter runs Next Evolution Consulting, a business that helps others reach their goals by overcoming the obstacles of age, gender, or economic status through belief, encouragement, and education. Her team works with at-risk youth to young adults that are in the juvenile system teaching them valuable life skills and leadership skills to propel them into… Read more »

The Tax Benefits of Giving Back

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Small businesses have an integral relationship with the communities they serve. Community members often rely on the products and services the small businesses provide, and in return, the businesses offer employment opportunities to local residents as well as increased tax dollars for the local economy. Because of their unique position within local communities, small businesses… Read more »

Business Spotlight- MD Lice Control

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  MD Lice Control is a Baltimore-based business that provides in-home lice treatments and sales of do-it-yourself lice products from the Center for Lice Control. They offer discounted products and services and are open to other types of partnerships as well!  Summer’s coming and a new school year will be here before you know it, so… Read more »

Creative Partnerships

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Creative Partnerships Many small businesses are focused on growing their base. Rightfully so, because having a strong customer base is at the core of building over time! But how do you get your name and your offerings out if you don’t have a huge budget for advertising and marketing or a brick and mortar store… Read more »

Business Spotlight- Beautiful You with Avon

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Sophia Walker (#BossLadySophi) is an entrepreneur who has created Beautiful You with Avon. It is is not only her lifestyle, but her business. She uses it to help and give back to her community and offer others the ability to create additional income while also building a successful legacy for both herself and her family…. Read more »

What Can CSR Do for Me?

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Corporate Responsibility Pays Dividends, Literally   Companies considering Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs may be wondering what the numbers really look like for engaging in your greater community.  Up until now, that has been a challenging thing to quantify, but consulting firm IO Sustainability recently dug deep into over 200 studies and their data revealed… Read more »