For quite some time, large corporations have been very deliberate about including initiatives in their business practices that help improve society in some manner. And for many of those businesses, they have reaped benefits beyond the good feeling that they get from doing good in the world. They have gained new customers, retained current customers, and received positive visibility that make people more inclined to consider working with them in some way. 

Following in the steps of large corporations, small businesses can achieve the same. 

SCORE, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping provide resources to small businesses to give them the best chance they can to succeed, has created an outstanding infographic that highlights some of the benefits and growth of social responsibility as a business practice. 

Infographic: Small Business Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Take a look at SCORE’s website here and see how you might be able to incorporate a program within your own company and let CPP Connect help you find causes to invest in!